4 Benefits of Being a Christ Follower


Sermon Summary


January 14, 2018

Stephen Wagoner





1 John 2:28-3:3


God uses John to say to Christians, this is how you should live.

The Christians he's writing to are two types of people

1.   Very excited about the coming of God

2.   Have shame and shriek at His coming

John's desire is that we view God is the right way, so we have the right reacion.

Four Benefits for Being a Christ Follower

1.   God always wants to be with you,

  • God never needs a break from us
  • God does not see us as a disappointment

2.   He is giving us the family resemblance

  • If you act like a son or daughter, you're going to be different
  • When we are with Him, we are just like Him

3.   His love is covenantal not conditional

  • God's love is not conditional on our actions
  • Our good deeds have nothing to bring
  • You cannot lose His love or get more of it

4.   Our future could not be more bright

  • When we put out hope in Him, we are purified
  • Our best life is not now, it is coming for us


"God doesn't tell us what we need to do until first He tells us who we are."

"One of the key factors of being a follower of Jesus is to realize you're not polished. That you're actually rusty and broken and you go to Christ for the cleansing.  You don't present yourself clean and perfect to Christ, you realize where you're at."

" Where we are off, God wants to be on."

"The way to glorify God is through the blessing of His children."


  • Shepherd of my Soul
  • You're Beautiful
  • You're Not Finished Yet
  • O Come to The Alter
  • Hosanna

Pastor Stephen Wagoner is an Acts 29 Church Planter and has helped plant several churches in the course of his ministry. We have been blessed to help support him and his family through our prayers and finances as he continues God's mission. Stephen and his wife have four children and we're thrilled whenever they can come to Charlotte to visit with us.