• Just before His ascension, Jesus gave His followers the most unbelievable, and frankly, impossible mission imaginable – to saturate the entire world with His gospel (Acts 1:8). The question that Luke wants to answer throughout the rest of Acts is, “How in the world did that task actually get carried out?” 


    Guest Pastor Ben Davey helped us look at this amazing shift in the trajectory of the gospel, to see how God used awful circumstances and ordinary people to overcome unbelievable odds...

  • What do we do, how do we feel when the “fresh start” atmosphere of the new year begins to fade and the reality of the hostile world around us finds its way back in?..

  • Are there limits to our pursuit of knowing Jesus? If we could better know the fullness of Christ’s resurrection by sharing in his sufferings and his death would we still follow Him?


    Brandon Holmes preached the word this Sunday, check out the post below for the recap...

  • We were so glad to have our 2018  Prayer and Vision Breakfast last Sunday. We reviewed 2017, talked about the long term vision of Redemption, heard from ministry team leaders and prayed together that we would show Jesus to our city more each day in all of our activity and life.


    Read the highlights here.

  • If you’re anything like me, you may have spent these last days of 2017 thinking over the past year:  what went right, what could have gone better, and how you hope to spend the gift of another year here on earth.  


    If you’re REALLY like me, maybe you find yourself making the same resolutions over and over every year.  You might be disappointed in yourself because you find you make the same mistakes, push the same goals aside, and continue to trust in yourself to make these changes rather than our God, who is the only one who can bring true change to our longing hearts...

  • How many of you are great at making New Year's resolutions, and not so great at following up with them on December 31st? The Bible calls us to remember, and to recount the victory of God in our lives, and we often forget the power of remembrance.

    Last Sunday we finished our series in Joshua on recounting the victory of God. As we see in Joshua 12, God's people remember the great victory and work of God. It is good for us to remember and recount the work of God in the past year, as well as preparing for God's victory in 2018 through humility, repentance, and faith.

  • On the mantel in my bedroom there is a letter I received almost 20 years ago from a teenage girl in love. It tells a tale of her passion and future plans with a boy, who quite frankly, never deserved her.


    In Scripture, we experience the words of another teenage girl in love, Mary. In The Gospel of Luke we read, “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” -Luke 2:14...

  • The Bible is filled with songs, many of them you may not have realized are songs, expressions of worship, responses to God's glory and greatness, and responses to God's mighty power and work.

    Last Sunday we  sang and talked about why we sing. As Zephaniah 3 says, God himself sings over us. The Father loves by singing loudly over us.

  • Advent means coming. As we wait - are we truly listening and waiting in joyful anticipation? Brandon brought the word last Sunday, catch up in our Sermon Summary here.