Christ is Worthy

Sermon Summary

January 21, 2018

Brandon Holmes



Philippians 3: 7-15


Christ is worthy

  • He is absolutely glorious and worthy of everything
  • Absurdity or Wildly True

Ex: Paul and so many other followers of Christ who knowingly took on Jesus’ pain and emulated His death by self-sacrifice did so because they had tasted something worthy and only wanted more, we should want that.

  • Look at it in reverse – if Christ isn’t worthy, why pursue the faith at all? Francis Chan talks about the pains and lack of glory in being a lukewarm Christian. It's not worth it.

  • The worldly man stops at nothing to accumulate as much wealth and prestige as humanly possible and what, so often seems to find it was worth it all. Yet, the true follower of Christ also stops at nothing, by any means possible, to know Him more so and the result? Soul satisfaction, glory and infinite wonder.

This verse has a hidden threshold

  • When I’ve steered clear of this threshold the lifeblood of my journey has been drained out. 

Ex: Personal relationships that suffocated because limitations were set due to fear

  • Yet when I’ve pressed through the threshold, the vitality of my relationship with Christ has overflowed. 

Ex: A marraige that weathers the storms.

  • Stopping at “I want to know Christ”                                                                                                                                           

Ex: "I limit which identities I allow myself to know of Him; maybe only as a wise teacher or as an emergency responder when I’m in desperate need. I tend to define limits to the relationship that build up my sense of comfort, control and security – and end up quenching the wonder being offered."

  •  Going all in “sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death.”                                                                    

Ex:  "When I pursue Him relentlessly in the same fashion He relentlessly pursued our freedom, I suddenly find that my soul is led into new territories where wonders happen and I fall even more deeply in love with my God."

  • Paul had it all and yet he knew it was rubbish in comparison.  He’s either absurd or on to something amazing that should peak everyone else’s interest.
  • Christ is worth knowing even in suffering and in death. Paul is saying that he wants to know Him in his sufferings – it’s not in reluctance.

In maturity we should think this way

  • When we first came to know Christ and His glory – chances were it was like spiritual milk. In the honeymoon phase it's simpler to pursue and yearn for Christ. But as we mature in our faith and grow in sanctification and holiness, we will in fact be given opportunities to suffer as Christ suffered and to become like Him in His death. (Luke 9:23-24)

  • In order to sit with Christ one day on high, we must like him be laid low in the dust here on earth. Christ humbled himself as a servant, so shall we. (Romans 8:16-17)

  • To become like Christ in His death isn’t necessarily to die by flogging and crucifixion as He did . But it is to die to self, to give up your rights and pleasures so that others may have life and pleasure in Christ.


  • Christ is absolutely worthy. There is no greater satisfaction of our souls, no higher calling, no greater glory than being found in Christ; intimately knowing Him in life and in death.

Sending Thoughts

  • Do you not yet know Christ’s worth but want to know? Then receive Him, pray to Him and come to a saving knowledge of who He is as Savior, as King, as Shepherd, as Son of God. He waits to reveal His glory to you.
  • You are a Christian but you’ve steered away from the threshold? Has Christ’s worth somehow lessened in your life and thus the wonder and love faded as well? Then decide now to know Him more. Repent of the barriers you’ve created and follow Him wherever He takes you as He shows himself to you. As Paul’s letter tells us, Christ has made us His own, so now shall we make Him our own as we strain forward to what lies ahead pressing toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.


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