God Completes

Sermon Summary

November 12, 2017

Pastor Shawn



Joshua 11


Joshua and Israel overthrow the Northern Kingdom (vs 1-15)

Full conquest of the promised land completed (vs 16-23)


"The danger to faith is your self sufficiency, and your belief that you can make it on your own without depending on Him."

"God wants you to destroy anything that would prevent the enemy coming back against you again."

"There is a wisdom in knowing what has God asked you to destroy  and what has God allowed you to redeem. And there's a discipline in following through. "

"My hope for you is not that we would have faith that leads to very small victories, my hope is that your faith would produce overwhelming victory in your life."

"I believe that faith, when exercised, has a great power and capacity to do amazing things."

"Do you know why faith, hope and love are the greatest and why love is the greatest of these? Because love is the only one that continues with us when we get to heaven. Because when we get to heaven, our faith is sight, our hope is realized and we have love that remains."

Sending Questions

  1. Where is God telling you to change, to get out of the rut of spiritual cynicism?
  2. What areas of your life feel incomplete? How does God meet you in those places and provide rest?
  3. Where is God asking you to exercise faith to trust Him?


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