God Cultivates

Sermon Summary

October 8, 2017

Pastor Shawn



Joshua 5


  • Joshua renews God’s covenant through circumcision (vs. 1-9)
  • Israel celebrates Passover: God’s mercy and grace (vs. 10-12)
  • God reveals himself in His power and protection over Israel (vs. 13-15)


"Even when we are faithless, God is faithfull."

"Circumcision is not just a matter of the flesh, it's a matter of the heart."

"The challenge is when identities begin to give us worth or value or significance or meaning outside of what God has said about us."

"Any identity that we seek outside of what God wants for us, will fail by God's grace."

"It's not just that we've been released from sin, we've been given a new life."

"God will fight for you, you only have to be silent."

Sending Questions

  1. Am I pursuing something outside of what God wants?
  2. Am I giving more weight to something it should not have?
  3. How does God see me?
  4. What would He speak to me?
  5. (In a moment of an identity crisis:) How is God shaping me through this? What is a Godly response in this situation?


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