God Fights

Sermon Summary

November 12, 2017

Pastor Shawn



Joshua 10


  • Neighboring cities band together to fight Gibeon (vs. 1-5)
  • Israel honors treaty and fights with them (vs. 6-11)
  • Joshua asks the Lord for a great miracle (vs. 12-15)
  • Locals fear the power of Israel and hide (vs. 16-21)
  • Joshua displays the power of God over his enemies (vs. 22-27)
  • Highlight reel of Israel’s continued victories in the promised land (vs. 28-43)


"When you hear the responding sense of scripture, God is telling us to wake up to the spiritual reality of God's kingdom advancing into this world."

"My fear is too many churches are walking not with humility, but with laziness and weakness." 

"The message is less about the miracle of the sun and more about the way that it happened."

"God hears His people, and when they pray, He responds."

"We have great power in the name of Jesus that we can advance the kingdom through prayer."

"God gives us power and authority in prayer to speak amazing truths and we forgo that power daily. We forget, that God welcomes us into prayer in the way that Joshua prayed before."

"We pray boldly and we trust God and we wait. It gets really hard, not to pray, but to wait. But I believe that we should still pray bold prayers, even though it's hard to wait."

"One of the great impacts we'll see in our generation, is not how much we tell people about Jesus, but how much we show people about Jesus by the way we live."

"Every decision you make will either reinforce your identity as a man or women of God or will come against the truth of scripture that you are a man or woman of God."

Sending Questions

  1. Where do you find yourself spiritually sleepy and unengaged in the spiritual battle?
  2. How do you or do you not represent the victory of God in your life?
  3. What prayer do you need to pray boldly in faith, and trust God with his creative outcome?
  4. What needs to die in your life, that you would experience the victory of Jesus?


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