God Reminds

Sermon Summary

October 1, 2017

Pastor Shawn



Joshua 4



  • Consecration and Celebration.
  • Entering the promised land – God is trustworthy. God is great.
  • Points us to Jesus, perfect mediator, Directs our minds to heaven.


New perspective

  • Not just crossing, but memorializing.

  • Joshua has 12 men, one of each tribe, take a large stone on their shoulder, memorializing the event when God’s presence enters the world.
  • God asks them to place the stone “where you lodge tonight” – Most vulnerable place for us: asleep, unprotected, unguarded. Remember God in the quiet, vulnerable place.
    • Remembrance extends beyond just you.
    • What is good now for me? What is good for the kids in the future?
    • God may not always perform dramatic miracles, but remember when He did, and remember that He can
  • Unity of the nation – One from each tribe
  •  Diversity of the tribes, and unity in the promise

1st perspective shift: There is a definitive shift in a person’s life when they go from thinking about God to being transformed by him. Not just thinking about Jesus as a teacher, but experiencing Jesus as savior.

2nd perspective shift: In Christ, in service. There are no bench players in God’s church

God’s promises are sure, and we have to fight for them.

Remembering for a purpose

  • Keeping our lives in line, aligned with God
  • What is the fruit of a life aligned to God
  • Joy, enjoyment in God, living as we were made to be
  • Continuance. Passing down our life to the next generation


"God's presence goes into the most intimate and vulnerable places of our lives. And His power is most evident when we allow Him to be in those places"

"There's a definite difference in thinking about God and experiencing God."

"If you are in Christ, you are in service."

"If you are in God's church, there's no room on the bench."

"When we allow God to be God, it's aligning us with God and allowing us to experience what we were meant to experience. 

"We're all looking for joy and satifasticion and we seek it in so many ways that we forget that when we align our hearts to God, it goes well and we experience joy. The fruit of being aligned to God is joy."

"How often have we traded the enjoyment of God for the ritual things of God that don't bring us closer to Him and His presence?"

"When you experience the joy of God, you want to pass it on to another person."

Sending Questions

  1. What brings you back to Christ, reminds you of your identity, worth, and value in Him?
  2. Who is asking you about the stones in your life? How are you passing down the victory and worth of Christ?
  3. What physical things help you remember the victories of God in your life?


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