God Sanctifies

Sermon Summary

November 6, 2017

Pastor Shawn



Joshua 9


  • Neighboring cities band together to fight Gibeon (vs. 1-5)
  • Israel honors treaty and fights with them (vs. 6-11)
  • Joshua asks the Lord for a great miracle (vs. 12-15)
  • Locals fear the power of Israel and hide (vs. 16-21)
  • Joshua displays the power of God over his enemies (vs. 22-27)
  • Highlight reel of Israel’s continued victories in the promised land (vs. 28-43)

Sending Questions

  • Where do you find yourself spiritually sleepy and unengaged in the spiritual battle?
  • How do you or do you not represent the victory of God in your life?
  • What prayer do you need to pray boldly in faith, and trust God with his creative outcome?
  • What needs to die in your life, that you would experience the victory of Jesus?


King Of My Heart


Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

This is Our God