Knowing Christ in the Word

Sermon Summary

December 10, 2017

Brandon Holmes



 Lamentations 3: 21-26, Luke 2: 25-38


  • HOW do we listen?
    • Silence. Be quiet. Hush your soul and your mouth.
    • Feast on the Word of God. Learn to hear and recognize the Shepherd’s voice
    • Listen to the Spirit, not just audibly, but spiritually

  • HOW do we wait?
    • Through stillness. Through service.
    • With patience and endurance; even in suffering
    • In joyful anticipation of His promises fulfilled

  • WHY am I listening and waiting?
    • Christ’s work is “already, and not yet”
    • This is the Father’s will for us, our holy pilgrimage as individuals and the body of Christ
    • To receive the crown, to finish the race, to satisfy our soul with the greatest of pleasures

Sending Questions

  1. What hinders us from sitting silently to hear from God? How can we create rhythms to work through those hindrances?
  2. What specific characteristics of God and promises can we fix our hearts on as we wait for God in joyful anticipation?
  3. In your CG and PODs, how can you encourage one another to "feast on God's Word"? (Feasting is a joy, rather than an obligation - how do we keep this from becoming a religious obligation?)
  4. Christ's 2nd Advent is "coming soon" according to Revelation 3: 11. Discuss with someone else what you look forward to in Christ's 2nd and final return.


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