Knowing Christ Through Singing

Sermon Summary

December 17, 2017

Shawn Stinson



Zephaniah 3:17,Luke 15:10, Ezra 3:1-3, Ezra 3:10-13


Intro: What is worship? (Luke 2:10-15)

God sets the example in singing over us (Zephaniah 3:17)

Worship is our response to God in singing and repentance (Luke 15:10)

Worship is about God’s law and design for us (Ezra 3:1-3)

Worship celebrates the goodness of God in character (Ezra 3:10-13)

Worship celebrates the works and power of God in action

Worship is:

·      Theological: true things about God, brings us closer to truth, reality

o   Not just ramblings of what we speculate about God

·      Experiential: engaging with the presence of God

o   Not just regurgitating the words on the screen

·      Emotional: Dealing with our present life, circumstances, feelings, joy and pain

o   Not detached from our real person

·      Communal: Meant to be shared with each other

o   Not just individual experience

·      Responsive: We have a reaction, or a response to God

o   Doesn’t leave us the same.

·      Transformational: When we are in the presence of the Father he restores and molds us


"God sings over you, even in your sin."

"When you see the goodness of God, it means you want to respond to Him."

Sending Questions

  1. Which of the six aspects of worship connect most with your heart? Which ones are more difficult?
  2. What filters, limits or hindrances keep you from fully responding and expressing adoration towards God?
  3. Where do you need to see the character and action of God more readily in your life?


Say The Word

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Fall Afresh

Come To Me

What a Beautiful Name