Knowing God and Fear


Sermon Summary


May 6, 2018

Shawn Stinson





References included in Roadmap.


  • What is fear?
    • A real or imagined immediate threat that can cause pain or endanger you
  • What does the Bible say about fear?
    • Original response to sin (Adam and Eve fearing God in the Garden.)
    • Psalm 23:4–5, Psalm 34:4–5, Isaiah 26:3-4, Joshua 1:9, Mark 6:48–52, John 14:27
  • How do we deal with fear?
    • God’s presence is the only thing that can release us from fear
  • 6 applications for dealing with fear
  1.  We must fear the right things (Luke 12:4-5)
  2. Jesus meets us in our deepest fears (Mark 5:35–36)
  3. God’s love is greather than our fears (1 John 4:13–19)
  4. Faith requires action, but may not always be immediately visible (Hebrews 11:1)
  5. God loves to meet us in fear (1 Peter 5:6–7)
  6. We don’t need to fear our future (2 Timothy 1:6–7)


"Fear is a real or imagined threat that is present currently. Anxiety is the imagination of what could happen."

"Fear paralyzes and keeps us away from God and doesn't let us live as we were intended to live."

"God's presence is the only thing that can release you from your fears."

"If fear can create such a dynamic, animated response in us, then in order for our faith to be powerful over that fear, our faith must be surpassing, powerful and effective over that fear. We have to have faith stronger than fear."

"If you fall off a cliff, better to trust a strong branch with a weak grip, than a strong grip in a weak branch." -Tim Keller

"Faith is more like the weak grip and strong branch. Our object of faith is Jesus Christ, and His life, death and resurrection is a strong foundation, the unmoveable historical truth and reality of conquering sin, death, Satan and fear. So even our weakest grip on Christ will hold us greatly." 


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