Pastor Jeremy's Staff Transistion

After many months of prayer, consultation with Acts 29 pastors, deep work on Redemption’s operating model in regards to ministry role needs, and reflection on Jeremy’s calling thru pastoral coaching, Pastor Jeremy has asked to be released from his ministry responsibilities with Redemption Church. 
We value Pastor Jeremy and appreciate his honesty with the leadership team.  To seek counsel and wisdom, we partnered with two trusted Lead Pastors in Acts 29 to develop a healthy transition plan for our brother. We wanted to make sure that it is handled with great care and respect for both Redemption Church and the Carr family.

Rest assured, there is no sin or disqualifying offense that has brought us to this point. Jeremy’s decision came down to several key factors:

Through working with People Launching, coaching for leaders and pastors, Jeremy rediscovered some gifts that he feels called to pursue and develop in depth.

As the past 15 months have progressed, the needs of Redemption have become clearer and Jeremy has recommended that Redemption could benefit from a different gift set and functional pastoral role. 

We want to bless this dear family, and express our appreciation for their investment in the Redemption family.  Jeremy has been a blessing to our church. We have made every effort to help and support them in this transition, in both circumstances and finance. He has pastored well, and we want to appreciate him.

Jeremy's last Sunday will be this Sunday, October 15th, and we would love you to join us a for a reception directly following church to thank and honor the Carr family for their investment in the Redemption family.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jeremy, myself or anyone on the Redemption leadership team.

Pastor Shawn

On behalf of the Redemption leadership team:
Jeremy Carr
Brian Scott
Brandon Holmes
Brian Lowe - Lead Pastor Exodus Church; Acts 29 Southeast Network director
Dwayne Bond - Lead Pastor Wellspring Church; Acts 29 Global Board member