Remembering the Cross in the Distractions of Life

“But Martha was distracted with much serving.” Luke 10:40

This week our community group spent some time discussing Jesus’ interaction with Mary and Martha. It’s a pretty common Bible story, and most of us are quick to the application; “Be more like Mary and less like Martha.” As my wife said, “Martha really gets a bad rap in the story.”

As we look at how Jesus loves and meets Martha, we see that he is most concerned not about the act of serving, but the heart behind what is driving her furious cleaning and keeping. Jesus says to her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things.”

When I see the deeper anxiety driving Martha, I can relate much more easily to being busy because it allows me to avoid the issues that are deeper in my heart. It’s much easier to accomplish tasks than to consider my fear driving those tasks.

With Easter coming this weekend, it only seems appropriate to consider, why do we have so much service and ministry in the church, and perhaps a better question: Is all of our sacrificial and genuine service keeping us distracted from Jesus?

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday, why do we need a “special” service and reminder?

Easter reminds us of the centrality of the cross, and clears our hearts from all the vestiges and attachments that we have put on Jesus, freeing us to know and enjoy Him, undistracted and free.

So to best prepare for Good Friday and Easter, I welcome you to be unchained and free to meet Jesus this weekend.

You may be distracted by good things like serving, you may be distracted by sinful things, you may be distracted by life. But this weekend, come and sit with Jesus. Ask Him to clear the cobwebs of life and restore the joy of your heart in knowing Him. He loves you, and He welcomes you to sit at His feet.

-Pastor Shawn