Spreading the Gospel

Sermon Summary

January 28, 2018

Ben Davey



Acts 8:1-8, Isaiah 55: 10-13


3 Reasons the Advance of the Gospel is Unstoppable

1. The Gospel Advances in the Midst of Opposition.

  • The more Saul persecuted Christians, the more the gospel spread.
  • See quotes 1-2

2.  The Gospel Advances on the Lips of Ordinary People (vs. 4)

  • Everyone but the apostles fled, meaning those who fled were ordinary, unnamed people, spreading the name of Jesus.
  • When you feel like you don't know what to say, remember you have the power of the Holy Spirit, His power is made PERFECT in weakness.
  • See quotes 3-6

3.  The Gospel Advances in Spite of Racial and Cultural Obstacles. (vs. 5-6)

  • Jews and Samaritans hated each other for 1,000 years. Phillip, a Jew, steps in and preaches about Jesus and the Samaritans  listened.
  • See quote 7


"The gospel didn't just advance in spite of opposition, the gospel advanced because of opposition."

"God is always working behind the scenes, in the midst of opposition to accomplish His great purposes."

"The church grows not by the preaching of a few anointed  apostles, but when every believer is filled with the spirit and testifies of the gospel in the streets, that's how the church grows."

"If we are ever going to saturate this city with the gospel of Jesus, we have to get over this mindset that ministry happens in a room behind a pulpit. We have to get behind Jesus's reality that it happens on the street with ordinary people."

"As long as Christians live and act as if the gospel can only be disseminated in a church by a professional, we'll never see anything happen in our city."

"Spreading the gospel has nothing to do with your proficiency but everything with His power."

"Wherever the gospel message goes, joy also follows."

Sending Questions

Do you beleive that when you speak the Word of God it will not return empty?

Are you participating in the advance of the gospel where you live, work, and play – by speaking good news and doing good deeds?

The Word of the Lord will be successfuL, it will not return void, it will make a name for Him in the world. Are you a part of that? Have you experienced that joy?


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Pastor Ben Davey is an Acts 29 Church Planter and Pastor of the new church, Life Church Charlotte.