• We’ve all heard Proverbs 18, “Pride comes before the fall,” but do we know why humility should be desired, and why it is a glorious expression of Christ-like character?
    As we look at the end of Nebuchadnezzar’s life in Daniel 4 this Sunday, I want you to consider this one question: What is preventing you from radically pursuing the counter-culture world-shifting life of humility modeled after the life of Jesus?

  • If we are to live faithfully despite a culture of idolatry, we need to know the power of the presence of God in our lives. It unlocks how we confront idolatry, how we face criticism, how we do not conform to culture, and how we can stand ultimate tests of allegiance.

  • Do you find it hard to live for God in the world today? Do you face tension in your life and career where it collides with the voice of God? Are you confused about how to respond in a godly way to a polarized and critical government?

    Last Sunday we begin a new series on the book of Daniel. The book of Daniel is about a 6th century Jewish man who faced similar tension to live for God in pagan world, and in a politically divisive state. Daniel and his Jewish friends resolved to live wholeheartedly for God despite the current of ungodliness around them.

  • In great challenge, our cultural climate has never been more hostile to the Gospel of Jesus, nor more desperate for the life renewal He offers. So if we are to exercise evangelism, we must do so with both a sensitive awareness of the Holy Spirit and clear navigation through cultural hurdles around us.

  • Our society preaches maximum comfort and quick fixes to deeper rooted issues. How often do we ground ourselves in self-preservation and false senses of earthly security only to be startled at how quickly the next storm comes? The analogy found in Matthew 7:24-27 speaks to the eternal security that comes in knowing Christ, doing his work, and establishing Him at the center as opposed to just being a listener:

  • Have you ever met someone who had a depth of character and relationship with God that made an immediate impact on you and moved you in your soul? Did it motivate you, inspire you, and convict you to move to a deeper place with God?
    Solitude is one of the most critical and beneficial spiritual disciplines, and also the one that is least exercised and often misunderstood.

  • Did you know that fasting is mentioned in the New Testament more often than baptism? Most of you probably think fasting is for the spiritual elite, or the crazy committed. But what if fasting was a tool for helping us better hear from God, pray more directly, seek the transformation of our world, repent more readily, and altogether be livened in our spirit?

  • This past Sunday, we looked at two of the biggest obstacles in studying the Bible: discipline and recall.


    Some of you may feel significant challenge in getting a consistent time in the Word. Some of you may be in the Word, but are unable to recall, or feel forgetful of what you've read in recent time.


    In both cases, we need to be reminded of the holiness of God and power of the text to transform and shape our lives.

  • The Vision and Prayer Breakfast is one of our favorite Sundays of the year. We get an opportunity to look back at the previous year, look ahead into the new year, and join together in prayer.


    Take a look at what we reviewed.