• So many stories in both the Old and New Testament reveal how God’s mercy overcomes our shame and replaces it with great honor. What a wildly wonderful God we have!

    Last Sunday we heard from God’s word just how another Gospel Reversal gives us a new perspective of how the Kingdom of God is ushered in to our broken world by Jesus Christ!

  • When you hear the words “you will never fulfill or fully satisfy me” come out of your future spouse’s mouth, you might be a little weary of what the next 70 years might look like. That’s the conversation we had very early in our dating relationship. Never has that been more true and wonderful than in marriage. We have found that it’s easier to love when there isn’t an expectation of reciprocity. It’s also a lot easier to forgive when you understand that we as humans will never measure up...

  • Whether you find yourself in the tears and weeping, or find yourself in shouts and laughter, we hope you will be encouraged to meet Jesus in all of it.

  • Church, it is only fair that I come clean.  There is someone that is snuggled by my wife more closely than myself. His name is Beartini, and he looks like this:


    It’s interesting to me that a creature that would be absolutely terrifying in the real world has been plushified to the point that it’s entirely normal to see a child (or my wife) clutching it tightly. I bet you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see how I manage to shoehorn Jesus into this one...

  • Last Sunday we looed at the gospel reversal going from poor to rich. In the Gospel, Christ has given up his riches to embrace poverty, and we received his riches in exchange for our poverty. Similarly to last week, once we receive from Christ, we can then give to others what we have first received.

  • What would it look like to become a community who not just teaches death to life, but thrives in the death to life paradigm in all we do? Last Sunday we dove deeper into this great theological truth...

  • Have you ever thought about the logo of Redemption?  I was sitting with Andrew Furr a few weeks ago, and asked that same question to him.  We came up with our own guesses, but wanted to hear it from the man himself. Pastor Shawn, who planted Redemption Church over seven years ago in Charlotte, had to have a reason for making it, right?  

  • Sunday we continued our series on Gospel reversals, on how Christ transforms our primary action from receiving to giving. Much of our culture is built on the idea of consumption, but the Gospel transforms how we view life, not merely receiving and consuming, but giving our life, energy, and resources for the good of the kingdom.

  • If you’ve ever asked me for book recommendations, you’ve probably heard me mention my love for Bob Goff. I love him because he follows Jesus in a way that I’ve never seen in anybody else - he doesn’t over complicate it and tries to focus on becoming love in every situation. Recently, I was reading his newest book which describes a time he was asked the following: If he could essentially pick 6 words describing his life when he died, what would they be? His words were, “What if we weren’t afraid anymore?”

  • Last Sunday we started a short series on Gospel reversals: How the Gospel transforms the most critical parts of how we live. Work and rest. Death and life. Poor and rich. Sin and perfection. In the hardest and most challenging parts of our life, God is not absent. In fact the Gospel speaks into these exact places with hope and challenge.