A Life of Worship


Sermon Summary


May 17, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Pslam 100

​​​​​​​ Deuteronomy 6:4–9Romans 1:21–23Exodus 20:3–6James 1:22–27Philippians 3:17–21


  • Intro: What gets our attention makes us who we are
  • Private worship: Worship is a personal, inward attention and transformation focused on the glory and goodness of God in the context of the inner life, soul, and heart
  • Public worship: Worship is a public, outward activity with the people of God in the context of the gathered church
  • Active worship: Worship is a tangible, practical outworking of service and love in the context of home, community, work, and play
  • Conclusion: Earth dwellers or Kingdom pilgrims?


"Worship is all of life."

"What gets our attention -- builds our desire, what we desire -- we love, what we love -- we worship, what we worship -- controls us, what controls us -- makes us who we are."

"The biblical perspective of worship is God is great and we respond to God."

"People resemble what they revere." -G.K. Beale 

"If you're not with the father, you are destined to become just like everyone else."

"We were designed to be in community with others with God."

"Church is not designed to be a buffet, it's a potluck."

"Is your attention on the physical things of the world or the Kingdom?"


  1. Why is private worship critical for the health of public worship?
  2. How does seeing active worship in many different contexts advance God’s glory into the world?
  3. What misconceptions of worship have you believed?
  4. What do you want to change about your regular worship of God?


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