Coronavirus Update

Posted 3.13.2020


Our leadership is taking seriously the pandemic of the Coronavirus. The arrival of the Coronavirus to North Carolina has brought what was an international news story to our front door. Therefore, the following changes have been made for the safety and well being of others.

We will gather digitally 
Join us virtually via our livestream on Sunday mornings for worship from 9:30-10:30am or listen/watch throughout the week on YouTube and Soundcloud. We'd even encourage you to do so with a few other people in your neighborhood—whether from Redemption or not. Jesus said church can never be cancelled (Matthew 16:18).

Community Groups will be meeting in Sub Groups 
We are encouraging Community Groups to still meet in smaller subgroups for the next few weeks. You will be receiving further instruction from your Community Group Leader in regard to specific details moving forward.

"Wash hands, then, wash feet." -Scott Sauls
Christians throughout the centuries were known for their faithful serving in a time when the rest of the world was fleeing and fearing.This is an opportunity for wisdom and service, being careful and also being bold. Check in on your neighbors, help out with someone’s childcare, donate food to local pantries for kids who previously relied on school lunches, etc,

Things to consider in the midst of this challenge

Spiritual Attention – Put your focus on God
It’s easy to look at the physical challenges around us: disease, struggle, and even the fight for toilet paper. But what if we asked the question, “Where is God? What is He doing in this?” Daniel 1 reminds us that to be in the hands of the world is not to be out of the control of God.”

The world reacts to fear and insecurity. Internal struggle drives people to make drastic changes. As Christians, we trust that God protects, heals, and has secured an eternal life for us with Him. When we put our attention on God, we will not be fearful or ill-prepared for what is ahead.

Spiritual Disciplines – Align your actions and time with the things of God
What if we saw this as an opportunity to pursue the things God loves? It would be easy to mentally check out for the next month, but what if God has something more for you? What if the flexibility of our time could be used for progress in the kingdom and not just self-pleasing escape from the world?

  • A call to silence and solitude

  • A call to prayer

  • A call to meet the needs of neighbors

  • A call to awaken our souls

Spiritual Security – Remember God’s truth, character, and capacity
When the toothpaste tube is squeezed you see what’s on the inside. Similarly, in times of trial, we see what drives and secures us. Are we fearful of losing savings? Are we fearful of losing health? For the Christian, we need not fear because God controls the resources and God created our bodies. We can trust Him because his hands are able to save and heal.

Spiritual Community 
The important takeaway is that  "Church" is not cancelled—we are the church! Our hope is that you fully embrace this #alternativechurch lifestyle, of continuing to meet, pray, serve and love. We'll be opening up a channel in Slack titled #alternativechurch, where people can share how they are being the church outside the church walls.

It is so important to pray fervently during this time. We will pray every day on the Redemption conference line (717-275-8940 / 3956052) from 8-8:20am. We will pray for revival, healing, renewal, and the church to be fully alive in this trial. Open to anyone, pray or just listen. Join when you can. We will continue to pray as the trial requires and God directs.

-Redemption Leadership