Easter: Faith and Science


Sermon Summary


March 28, 2021

Pastor Shawn Stinson






  • The basic Christian truths are all wildly unscientific, un-provable by scientific method:
    • Science Method (Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Research and Test, Conclusion)
      • Observe: The world exists
      • Question: Where did it come from
      • Hypothesis: God created the world for his glory
      • Test: There’s no way to test this
      • Conclusion: God doesn’t exist

  • Observe: What evidence and facts do I know and see?
    • Most of the people who had seen Jesus come back to life were still alive at the time of Paul’s writings.
    • Every disciple went to their martyr grave without recanting the truth of the Gospel that Jesus was raised to life, most in brutal punishment
    • There is no burial shrine or tomb for Jesus, most holy men have something (usually 50 sites)
    • Bible predicted, Jesus foretold His death and resurrection
    • Jewish historians details accounts of the resurrection of Jesus
    • Bibilical evidence, circumstantial evidence from His followers, historical sources
    • Question: Do these observations give me sufficient reason to question?

  • Hypothesis: The resurrection of Jesus is true and I must believe in faith to experience the fullness of the life He intends for me
    • "God doesn’t move parked cars", the life of faith is called exercise in the Bible, it must be tested and used, not hung up on a shelf in the living room

  • Test
    • People like Lee Strobel have tried this, he was an investigative journalist who sought answers
      to Christ after his wife converted. And in trying to disprove God, he believed
    • CS Lewis quote

  • Conclusion: I will follow Jesus
    • We are born again to a living hope because of the resurrection
    • Presently guarded for a future salvation
    • Jesus will raise us up again with him


"Science can never disprove that God exists."

"The Bible is not trying to convince you to 'do the right things', it wants you to worship God."

"God doesn't move parked cars."

"Most objections to Christianity are emotionally challenged."

"Don't just pull the weeds, plant the seeds."

"Most of us live in fear and anxiety, but if you believe in the resurrection, you have a living hope."