God’s Presence in Feasting

Sermon Summary

December 15, 2019

Shawn Stinson



  • Feasts in the Old Testament
    • Feasting reminds us of how God has acted for us in the past
    • Feasting reminds us to purify our hearts and homes in the present
    • Feasting reminds us of the simple Great commandement
    • Feasting reminds us of God’s provision
  • Bringing in strangers to our feasts as Old Testament law
  • Feasting in the New Testament
  • Jesus’s meal with his friends, communion our model
  • The true and perfect final meal in the Kingdom

Sending Questions

  1. How can the presence of God transform the way you have meals with others?
  2. Who is God asking you to see and bring into your meals during Christmas?
  3. Where do you have opportunity to show hospitality to strangers?


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O Holy Night

King of Kings

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