God’s Presence


Sermon Summary


December 1, 2019

Billy Roosenberg





Exodus 33:12-23


  • vs 12-17 // Moses asks to know more of who God is and petitions for God’s presence to go before them.
  • vs 18-23 // Moses asks to see God’s glory.

It is hard to separate God’s presence from His glory. God’s glory is the sum of His attributes
and His ways. Glory means of high renown or honor from notable achievements, magnificence, of great beauty… We know of God’s presence because we know of His glory.

God’s presence is always with us, His glory is evident around us. We don’t need to pray that
God be with us, because He already is. We need to pray that we would know more of his ways and His glory, which affirms His presence with us.

Slow down and begin to practice the joy of delighting in God’s presence by setting aside time to learn His ways (truth) in reading scripture and ascribing to God the glory due His name, recalling and remembering his attributes and His goodness to us. We are loved not because of all the great things we do, but rather because of the great mercy, love and favor of our God.


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