Jesus Calls Us

Sermon Summary

September 6, 2020

Shawn Stinson



Primary: John 1:35-42


Who is Jesus?
Jesus calls us

What is He asking of us?
He is asking us to follow Him.

  • The first disciples followed Jesus
    • What does it mean to follow Jesus?
  • Jesus speaks to the disciples
    • Question: What are you seeking?
    • Command: Come and see
  • The disciples speak to others about Jesus the Messiah
  • Application for following Jesus in the modern day
    • Follow Jesus in His presence and in His teaching
    • Listen to his words over the narrative of the world’s news
    • Speak to others from a joyful heart, not a begrudging one


"Following Jesus is simple, but it's not easy."

"There's a difference in following Jesus with guilt and following Jesus with Joy." (Pastor Shawn used the example of attending a friend's birthday party out of guilt -- you don't really want to go out but you feel guilty so you go anyway, vs. throwing a party for your child -- you're full of joy and can't wait.)

"We want to follow Jesus on Instagram, (see what He's doing every now and then), but not truly follow Him."

"Maybe in order to follow Jesus you need to unfollow some things."