Jesus Creates The New


Sermon Summary


September 20, 2020

Shawn Stinson





John 3:1-17 -  Jesus and Nicodemus


Who is Jesus?
Jesus creates new life

What is He asking of us?

We must understand the Gospel

  1. The most important truth for today “For God so loved the world”
  2. Responses to Jesus’s miracles: Belief and unbelief
  3. Born again transformation vs. fitting in God to our schedules
  4. The way to new life is the way of the cross
  5. We must understand the Gospel (Go to Jesus for new life, learn and apply the gospel to our life, Announce and saturate the Gospel in people around us)


"God's goodness and kindness does not contradict His justice and righteousness."

"We don't need a new rules system, we need a new heart."

"The way to glory is the way of the cross."

"You can either try to fit God into your current life, or if you desire a new heart, God is the center and everything else gets filtered through Him."

"God's goodness is not dependent on us getting what we want."