Jesus Renews The Old


Sermon Summary


September 13, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Primary: John 2:1-11


Who is Jesus?
Jesus renews

What is He asking of us?
We must be attentive to Him

The first miracle and sign of Jesus
1.    Intro: Renewal is our deep desire and hope
2.    Persistent faith is Jesus’s goal for us
3.    Jesus renews the purification system
4.    The disciples witness Jesus’s glory because they were near to him
5.    How do we position ourselves to see renewal and glory?

  • Be attentive and near to Jesus
  • Pray and ask regularly
  • Share faith with others around you


"There are two types of people, those who are attentive to what Jesus is doing and those who are off on their own and miss the glory of God."

"A thermometer tells you the temperature but only a thermostat has the capability to transform and control the environment. The gospel is not a thermometer, it has the power to transform."

"When you get those prayers that aren't answered, are you willing to press?"

"We need faith that perseveres, that trusts in the renewal that God has for us."

"Prayer is not manipulating God, or a one time event, is a commitment to continue to come to God and rely on Him for your resources."

"When we delight in the things of Jesus the world sees Jesus in us, not that we're the savior, but He is."

"If we want to see renewal, we have to be attentive."