Knowing God as Peaceful Reconciler


Sermon Summary


February 17, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Ephesians 2:4-10


  • Empathy with others different than us
  • Remembering being apart from God
  • Christ is our peace
  • Barriers broken through the death of Jesus
  • 4 implications for Redemption Church

  • We must invite "perceived outsiders" into our community
    • Hospitality – Making room for the stranger
    • Recruit people that are unlike you into your life and into our church
  • We must not hold onto strict Christian laws and ethics that keep others at arms length because they cannot meet the standards
    • Not dismissing doctrines, but opening the door to the fence
    • You have to invite someone into your life, not just into your Pod
  • We must seek peace with God first personally and then together
    • If a member is not at peace with God, the relationship will be taxed
  • We must seek unity despite difference. Togetherness in uniqueness. Oneness in diversity.
    • Disagree and commit. The things that bind us and unify us are greater than the things that separate us.


"Radical inclusion: no matter where you're coming from, you have access to Christ."

"Christ is our peace."

"The Old Testament law threatened death, the law of Jesus gives life."

"When we are at peace with God, we will create peaceful relationships."

"The things that bind us together are greater than the things that separate us."

"Christ has secured us, all together."

Sending Questions

  • Where are the most diverse places in our city?
  • How does seeking personal peace with God impact community restoration?
  • What Christian ethics and morals do we keep that prevent others from knowing Christ?
  • What could it look like to be a church that engages across demographic differences?


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