Knowing God as Rescuer


Sermon Summary


February 3, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Ephesians 2:1-5


  • Intro: Three roadblocks to knowing God
    • Enviroment: What’s Around Us
      • Distraction and busyness
      • World’s morality
      • Wrong measure of success
      • Perfection
    • Heart: What’s Inside Us
      • Born with sin
      • Desiring a life of passion against God
    • Satan: What’s Against Us
  • Tools for removing each obstacle 
    • Environment and course of the world
      • Be watchful, stand firm in the faith

      • Awareness

      • We cannot escape the world, nor should we

    • Internal battle of sin
      • Repentance and confession
      • This is God’s fight, and our action is surrender
    • Battle against the enemy
  • Prayer for protection
  • Surrounding yourself with community 

Sending Questions

  • What is your greatest challenge in knowing God?
  • Where do you find the greatest friction between the world’s system and the life Jesus has for you?
  • What fight internally in your heart is keeping you from God?
  • Where have you overstated or minimized the influence of the spiritual world?
  • How does Ephesians 2:4-5 help reshape how you think God sees you?


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