Knowing God with Heart Knowledge

Sermon Summary

January 20, 2019

Brandon Holmes



Ephesians 1: 15-20


1. Excavate Imagery

  • Definition: to remove earth carefully and systematically in order to find buried remains
  • As a paleontologist, archeologist discovers these buried treasures, their world is transformed, it reshapes their understand of past, present and future
  • Treasures of our God are to be excavated
  • Inner stillness, humility, hunger, to find treasures beneath our feet, patient and steadfast attention to unearth these gifts

  • Consider a Pauline Epistle written to the Church at Charlotte, “Charlotteans”

2. Enlightenment

  • Psalm 119:18, “Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things in your law”
  • Deuteronomy 29: 2-4, “But to this day the LORD has not given you a heart to understand or eyes to see or ears to hear.”
  • Eyes of our heart opened = Spirit of Wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him
  • Head-knowledge vs. Heart-knowledge (Ephesians 3: 17-18)
    • To "know, know" God
      • Knowledge of God like the Pharisees, scribes, lawyers
        • Some churches in our city know God just about as well as I know Lebron James by watching him play, reading his tweets and buying his gear.
      • Knowledge of God like Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, Paul
        • Like a mother for her child
        • Like a good husband for his bride, and so, we the bride for Christ
      • He knows us, do we know him?
    • Revelation 2
      • “Abandoned the love you had at first”
      • Settled for diligence, rule-keeping, head-knowledge of God
      • Are we settling back into head-knowledge alone?
        • Are we constantly excavating the wondrous treasures of God beneath our very feet? Or have we abandoned the discovery and illumination?

Three Things

1. Hope

  • Promises of God, future set in stone, name written on his hands, a room in His Father’s house, a seat of honor at the banquet table, all sickness and injury healed, all things glorious

2. Inheritance

  • Meaningful, precious, bride gifted to Christ who loves us wildly

3. Power

  • Worked over us and for us, for wild transformation. Heart of stone to heart of flesh
  • Worked through us. Like Jesus sending out the 72


"We know that there is some type of treasure, it is right beneath our feet, but we have to dig for it."

"God has brought you to this place for a reason, start digging and find these treasures."

"The Holy Spirit is of wisdom when the spirit comes to us we suddenly have this understanding."

"Are we living our lives just in the head knowledge or do we have this heart knowledge that transforms us?"

"Christ is worth knowing."

"You can't just know Jesus with head knowledge, He offers us to know him deeply, to have the eyes of our heart enlightened."

Closing Thoughts

  • To know someone, and to be known by someone is a powerful thing; affecting us deeply
  • To know someone evil. To know someone good. To know Him who is perfect.
  • Ultimate satisfaction in knowing God intimately
  • Rejoice. Let’s excavate.
    • My prayer is that we dig deep, with still hearts, with steadfastness, recognizing the hunger of our souls to discover and to know intimately Him who is perfect, that is Christ Jesus.


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