Knowing The Power of God


Sermon Summary


January 27, 2019

Shawn Stinson







Ephesians 1: 16-23




  • What is the power of God?
  • How is God’s power proven?
  • How does the power of God compare?
  • Where does God’s power go?
  • What does God’s power mean for the church?




“It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that actually saves you. Strong faith in a weak branch is fatally inferior to weak faith in a strong branch.”- Tim Keller


"The resurrection power of Jesus can hold you."


"There is a power that we have that is over the enemy. Christ's resurrection proves that God's physical power is not limited only in the the spiritual realm, but God's power is over the physical place."


"We need power because the enemy is real, our sin is real, the world is set against the Kingdom of God. We need power to make it to the end."


"The way God has designed His power is not that we get a full load of it and then we can make it for a few weeks and we don't need it anymore. The way God has designed His spirit, we have to keep coming back to God."


"The source of our power is the resurrection of Jesus."


"When you're praying, you're praying God's work would be physical."


"We are around the throne, we don't assume the throne, but we have the authority of Christ who is on the throne."


"The strength of your faith is not based on the works you do, the strength of your faith is based on the work of Christ that was done for you."


"When you gather with believers, you get to expereince the goodness of Jesus and the rule of Jesus."


"The trigger for power in your life is not working harder, praying more, reading your Bible more, (although those things can get you there), it is for our faith to be increased, for us to believe more in the power of Christ."


Sending Questions


  • What are your initial thoughts on the power of God?
  • Where have you allowed deist thoughts to influence your view of God, that he is unable/unwilling to show His power?
  • Why do you think God requires faith to experience the power of Christ?
  • Where do you feel like the dog in the analogy of running in circles and not running free in your spiritual life?




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