Missionaries of the New Testament


Sermon Summary


May 24, 2020

Shawn Stinson






7 Great theological truths to fueling and leading us into radical, soul-stirring, self-sacrificing
missional living.

  1. We are made in the image of God. Not just the church, every human has imprinted on their soul and body a piece of God. You have never met a “mere mortal,” everyone is supernatural
  2. Every man and woman will face the judgment of God at the end of their lives
    1. We will all be raised, some to perfect life, some to perfect death
  3. Sin has a soul destroying, relationship killing, family tearing apart choke hold
    power on people around you
  4. The Gospel is full, sufficient and able to unseat the power of sin in our lives
  5. God’s has entrusted the gospel message to us. His plan and mission relies on the
    church and the people of God to be messengers
  6. We must personally appropriate the work of Christ on our behalf through faith
    and repentance
  7. We must be urgent about the things that are eternal


"Why does it not grip us that many of our neighbors will not experience eternity with God?"

"The gospel is not a rule book, the gospel is about God's work for us."

"Doing good things can't sufficiently release us from the power of sin."

"We don't need more good works, we need to believe more of the good news and share more of the good news willingly."

"There is power and purpose in your life now."

"The gospel says your home is an oasis of grace in a desert of striving. Your home is a place where you rejoice in the work of Jesus and bring others in."

"You must respond to Jesus in faith."

"The only thing that's priority is the gospel."


  1. What do you see as the greatest hindrance to mission and evangelism in the modern American church?
  2. Why does the judgment of God give us perspective and motivate us toward sharing the gospel?
  3. If the gospel is the dynamite and power, how do we allow this power to fuel mission?
  4. Why does our mission lack urgency?


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