Sermon Summary


September 8, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Pslam 129


  • Why do we need to persevere in faith?
  • How do we persevere?
    • We are not alone (vs. 1-3)
    • God is righteous (vs. 4)
    • We consider the ungodly outcome of life (vs. 5-8)
    • We remember Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-3)


"You're not alone in your suffering, trials or circumstances."

"One of the greatest tragedies of the Christian life is we believe in a theology that is by faith alone, but that doesn't mean we were meant to live alone."

"We've got this idea that Spiritual Disciplines are only meant to be done in isolation, but many of the disciplines were meant to be integrated."

"In following Jesus, there are great highs, great lows and boring middles, but there's a purpose in following Jesus and that's the end. Where you are now is not where you will be."

"The endurance we need comes from faith. it doesn't come for moralism or hard work, it comes from faith, which drives us towards God."

"There's a soul rest that only comes when you consider Jesus."

"There are niceties of life that just can't touch the needs of your soul."

"The key to  perseverance in this life is not self discipline, the key is faith."

Sending Questions

  1. Where do you find it hardest to persevere in your spiritual life?
  2. How does the righteousness of God help us in trial and disappointment?
  3. What things are keeping you from living a persevering life of faith?


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