Showing God Through Repentance and New Life


Sermon Summary


April 14, 2019

Brandon Holmes





Primary: Ephesians 4:17-24 

Supporting: Ephesians 1:3-14Mark 1:14-18Isaiah 30:18Judges 6


  • Repentance is a gift from the Lord, who longs to be gracious towards us (Isaiah 30:18).
  • Repentance is turning away from our unbelief in God's identity given to us and instead believing in who He says we are.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy example of why behavior changes alone are insufficient for "fixing" our struggles:  Event - Feelings - Thoughts - Belief System - Behavior
  • Paul recognized that our minds and hearts must be renewed for us to really put on the new life in Christ.
  • Repentance is not a heaping on of more shame and guilt, rather the avenue towards New Life in Christ's image.
  • 2 Things to Practice
    • Put your thoughts regularly on who Christ is and what your identity is because of that.
    • Practice belief. (Believing God is good, God is using me, God can heal, etc.)


"Do we believe God when He says we have His life and His power? Who are we to tell God He isn't right in what He has already declared about us?"

"I am your indomitable God and if I am your indomitable Father in Heaven, then you shall be indomitable like me."

"If we keep trying to only correct our behaviors, we never get back to the root. If our thoughts and our belief system isn't changed, then how can we expect our behavior truly to change?"

"That is the greatest travesty, that we would know who Jesus is, but we would live in such a way that people do not know we know  Christ."

"Repentance leads us into fullness of life."

"Repentance, in a lot of ways, is regularly preaching to ourselves."

"God wants to use us mightily."

Sending Questions

  • Why is it insufficient to just try and change our behavior as Christians?
  • What is meant by the old life vs. the new life?
  • What does repentance look like, if not just stopping the "bad" behavior?
  • What is the significance of Ephesians 1 (our blessing in Christ) in reference to this week's main scripture (Ephesians 4:17-24)?
  • What aspects of repentance look different to you now - after having read/ heard Isaiah 30, Ephesians 4, Mark 1 scriptures?


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