Simple Christmas

The simple meaning of Christmas is that God came to be with us.  And as we’ve celebrated God’s presence, we’ve also added layers upon layers of extra activities that have kept us from enjoying the original focus, Christ with us. But in our layering, it’s possible for us to get distracted with the things of Christmas and miss God in Christmas.

A simple Christmas doesn’t mean do nothing, it means focus on what is most meaningful.

Join the church this December in a spiritual reminder of God’s presence in the midst of common holiday practices: waiting, feasting, giving, and silence.

8 Ways to Strive For a Simple Christmas

Give Yourself Permission to Say No 

Choose the activities that are most meaningful to you and your family. It’s ok to say no to the rest.

Plan Experiences Instead of Purchases Gifts

Stronger memories, less wrapping.

Read Luke Chapter 2 

You probably already know the story, but there’s something about rereading the words that refocusses our mindset.

Cherish The Simple Things

Hot chocolate, fireplaces, your favorite christmas movie.

Drive Around and Look at Christmas lights

All the fun of lights, none of the untangling.

Simple Ways Give Back

Leave cookies for the Amazon worker, sponsor a child at our Potluck and Presents event, carry a few dollars in your wallet for the Salvation Army Santas, take a treat over to your neighbor.

Decking Less Halls

If it brings you joy, feel free to go full Clark Griswald. But if it’s more hassle, go simple with a few holiday pieces.

Remember Advent

Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. More than just lighting candles. Take a minute to brainstorm some ways to evoke these feelings each week.

Elissa Houff is the Director of Communications at Redemption Church. She serves on the First Impressions and Kids Ministry Teams and is a member of the South Park Community Group. She and her husband Samuel have been attending Redemption since 2014 (and their 1-year-old daughter has been attending since 2018.)