The Great Commandment


Sermon Summary


October 13, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Luke 10:25-37Acts 17:26-27


  • What if we were take Jesus’ Great Commandment Literally?
  • Many of us have become numb to The Great Commandment
  • When we try to love everyone…we often end up loving no one.
  • Research has shown that people who have close bonds with their neighbors live longer.
  • In communities where people know the first names of their neighbors, crime is 60% lower.
  • My prayer is that this is not a 3 week sermon, heard and gone, but a lifestyle of missional Christians living out simple truths of Jesus


"What if everyone experienced the greatness of Jesus?"

"God has put you where you are for His purposes."

"The twist we play on this is 'if I get what's good for me, I will eventually be in a place to help others.' But the scripture says, if we seek the welfare of the people around us, we will find our welfare."

"I wonder if in our consumerist culture, we have so maximized what we need at the detriment of our neighbor, in the effort to get what is peaceful for us, we have avoided the thing that seems hardest, but also is the thing that will provide us the peace that God has given us."

"Who is your neighbor? It's the people that you are stepping over every day that are right in front of you."

"The people God puts in front of us are the very people God intends us to love."

"What if the neighborhoods that we live in were less siloed and were more connected to the good of that neighborhood?"

"What if we saw this YMCA as a place not just where we have our sanctuary, but what if we saw the 20,000 people that are members here as people God has given us to love? 3,500 people scan a card everyday to work out. Come meet your neighbor."


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