Daniel: The Presence of Jesus in an Idolatrous World


Sermon Summary


February 23, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Daniel: 3

Supporting: 1 Peter 4:12–13


Intro: What power do Christians have to face adversity and trial?

We are confronted by idolatry

We are criticized by others

We are challenged to conform to cultural norms

We can have courage in trial because of the presence of Jesus


"Idolatry is anything that takes your eyes away from what is true and lasting and puts your eyes on what is false and temporary."

"Your life is not in a vacuum, your life is in a fishbowl. Many of us want to believe we can live in faith without being examined or criticised. When people look at your life, they're looking to see if your belief matches your actions."

"Our culture tells us we must be conformed to self-reliance. But that is from the world. Our best life is found when we are relying on the work and the presence of God in us."

"The reason we must be surrounded by people who love Jesus is because we are reminded and encouraged and fortified to live out those convictions together."

"When thinking about the convictions of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego instead of saying 'I want to do what they did' we should be saying 'I want to know the God they know.'"

"In the midst of our trials, and suffering, and failures and sin, do we not recognize that the 4th man is with us?"

"In their trial, an evil pagean King worships God because they are faithful in trail. If you are unfaithful in your suffering and trial, people will not see the work of Jesus in you."

"When the Babylonians looked at the lives of these men, they didn't see self-disciplined men who worked hard for their lives. They saw a God who saves."

"God didn't prevent the fire, He met them in the fire. And then with God, they came out of the fire."

Sending Questions

  1. How does our modern culture pressure Christians to accept idolatry and conform to the status quo?
  2. What are some of the idols we face today?
  3. When God doesn’t deliver us from dangers, trials, disease or even death, does that mean he has abandoned us? Why not?
  4. How does the presence of Jesus transform how we are confronted with idolatry, criticism and challenges?


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