The Time Barrier


Sermon Summary


October 20, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Luke: 10:38-42 (Mary and Martha), Mark 5:21-43, (Jairus’ daughter and the bleeding woman),  Luke  8:1-15 (The parable of the sower)

Supporting: Psalm 90:12


  • In order to take The Great Commandment seriously, we must create space in our lives to build relationships with those who live near us.
  • When we say; “I don’t have time to get to know my neighbor”, what we are really saying is “I don’t consider getting to knowmy neighbor as important as everythingelse that I do.”
  • We live in tension between the urgentand the important. When our priorities are determined by the urgent, our lives won’t match up with our values.
  • Do we live at a pace that allows us to be available to those who live around us? Jesus had time for interruptions, do we?
  • Technology is supposed to give us extra time and yet we still just cram more into our days instead of creating margin.
    • Myths we believe:
      • 1. Someday things will settle down. (We just need to get to ______, then we will have time for that.)
      • 2. More will be enough. (With one more purchase or ________ then we will be content.)
      • 3. Everybody lives like this. (No they don’t.)


"We must live from a place of rest and sufficiency and joy rather than living from a place of busyness and strife." 

"Soul care for Jesus was not sleeping in, soul care for Jesus was going to the source of life, the Father."

"You may not be a pastor, you may not be a church leader, but you will flame out in your life if you are not connected to Jesus."

"Don't forsake the critical work of soul care for the unattainable dream that comfort and sufficiency will one day come to you when you have that place of rest."

"My fear is we cannot neighbor because we are too consumed with our own kingdoms to be invested in the people in the closest proximity to us."

"The reason hurrying is so dangerous is because love and hurry are not at all compatible... because love always takes time, and time is the one thing that hurried people don’t have.” -John Ortberg, "The Life You Have Always Wanted"

"We are most alive when we are most giving."

"What if the interruptions God brings before you are not distractions, but what if the interruptions are chances to experience faith and healing in the people around you?"

"The question is not will it advance and will it happen, but will you be a part of it?"

Sending Questions

  1. Are you living out of rhythm for God’s design?
  2. What’s driving your busyness?
  3. Are you living for the right things?
  4. Can you be interrupted?
  5. Do you number your days?


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