Daniel: Worldly Success Without Compromising Your Integrity


Sermon Summary


February 9, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Daniel: 1

Supporting: Colossians 1:9–14 , James 1:12 (steadfast perseverance)


  • Intro: Can you have worldly success without losing your integrity?
  • History of Israel’s civil war and Babylon’s takeover
  • Obstacles to living for God in the world
    • Isolation
    • Indoctrination
    • Assimilation 
    • Confusion
  • Daniel’s resolution and conviction to stand for God
  • God blessed Daniel and his friends for their conviction and faithfulness


  • First, If you want to be successful in the sight of God, you must like Daniel be resolved to live for Him.
  • Second, you must rely on the power of God and not your own moral, self-discipline.


"We have very little conviction and commitment to stay where we are planted. As soon as we see trouble, challenge or opposition, we assume 'God is not in this.' We are so quick to leave and not to be convicted and stand resolved in a sea of opposition."

"The reason many of us are complacent and apathetic spiritually is because our lives doesn't require faith."

"The life of the kingdom is abundantly more wonderful than the drudgery we find on the Earth."

"Biblical leadership is being able to see the world from God's perspective and act accordingly."

"If I say 'Go be like Daniel', then the name of God only gets as far as your self-discipline.

"We don't merely resolve ourselves in conviction based on our own things, we do it based on Jesus."

"As you hear the word and as you hear teaching, God is directing your heart."

“You can’t be in a lifetime, what you aren’t in a day.” -Beth Moore

"If the kingdom of God depends on our capacity it will fail, if the kingdom of God depends on our willpower it will fail, but if the kingdom of God rests in the resurrection and power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, the kingdom will advance mightily. "

Sending Questions

  1. Why were Daniel and friends in this situation before the king of Babylon?
  2. What challenges did Daniel face that you also have experienced as obstacles to godly living?
  3. How does the Gospel of Jesus empower differently than self-determination of the world?
  4. How does a view of eternity shape our actions and decisions in the present moment?


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