You Can't Say That At Church: Money


Sermon Summary


November 10, 2019

Brandon Holmes





PrimaryRevelation 3: 14-22



  • Similaritiles between church of Laodicea and Charlotte
  • There should be a stark contrast in our lives that shows our pursuit of Kingdom-wealth being clearly different than the rest of our city’s pursuit of worldly-wealth.
  • The witness and faith of the Laodicea church is nauseating to Christ. (Luke warm)
    • The church has come to believe that they can pursue and revere both God and
      the world. They consider themselves self-sufficient and well off. I imagine that
      their prayers are not spoken to God out of desperation, humility and neediness
      but in requests for added comfort, increased riches, and greater inner-strength
      that makes little of God and much of self.
  • Consider Charlotte. Consider ourselves.
    • When those around us look at our lives, the photos we post, the way we spend money, and the true pursuit of our lives – do they see a needy person who is rich in their God?
  • Be Zealous and Repent​​​​​​​
  • Listen and Open
  • Conquer
  • Pursue Christ and His Kingdom, pursue alongside your brothers and sisters


"Where is our pursuit? Are we pursing the things of this world alongside the people of this world? Or are we separating ourselves?"

We have a witness that shows we have something else to offer other than what the world offers, something vastly richer."

"Are we expending all of our worldly resources so that we would be heavenly rich?"

"Come after God's wealth, and you will find satisfaction."

"How are we pursing kingdom wealth?"

"Let us be a church of great zeal."


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