Go and Make Disciples of All Nations

Vision: A church of fully alive Jesus followers who are using their gifts and sacrificing their lives for others.


Mission: Mature disciples who are equipped and confident to join a church planting team if called.

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

How can we approach God?

What is faith?

Why is the Gospel a necessary part of knowing God?

What tools are there to help me walk with God and grow in my faithfulness to Him?




  1. Learn the basics of approaching and knowing God
  2. Study and integrate regular spiritual disciplines into your weekly routine
  3. Review what God has done for you in the first few months of 2020
  4. Share your spiritual growth with another believer
  5. Learn and use tools that help you walk with God and grow in your faithfulness to Him

Being on mission does not require a set number of years in Christian faith and practice before we can be mindful of others. Even the disciples of Jesus were sent out to proclaim the coming of God’s Kingdom before they fully understood all of Jesus’ redemptive plan (Matthew 10:5-15 & Luke 9:1-6). As we go about our lives, we too can be ambassadors for Christ to everyone around us. So what does it mean to be a missionary of Jesus?




  1. Learn about the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and God’s redemptive plan that all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages worship Him (Revelation 7:9)
  2. Discover your purpose and role in advancing God’s Kingdom
  3. Integrate rhythms of evangelism and outreach into your everyday life, such as welcoming interruptions to your routine
  4. Increase awareness of historical and present missionaries advancing the Gospel message throughout the world
  5. Anticipate the good works that God will do, and celebrate with your Redemption Church family what he has done and is doing among us


Having just considered and practiced the missionary life for a Christ-follower, focused outwardly on expanding and planting the gospel near and far, we now focus on the life of the family of believers as members of Christ’s body. This module focuses on the necessity and fruitfulness of a healthy, unified and service-oriented church that is made up of individual members. 


  • In both words and actions, determine to love the members of our church body Use the “grid” on the backside as a guide to specifically practice what Scripture outlines as fellowship of believers, membership of the body of believers
  • To understand and live out “spiritual love” within the body of believers
  • To deconstruct the demanding ideal of membership within the Christian community and to instead participate in receiving and serving God’s plan for community