What is the minimum age requirement for Redemption Kids?

Redemption Kids Nursery care begins when the child is 6 months of age and can sit up on their own.


What is the maximum age for Redemption Kids?

Children who have completed 5th grade are asked to attend the worship service with their parents or they have the option to serve alongside our volunteers as an assistant volunteer. This must be arranged prior to the Sunday they wish to serve. Please contact our Kids Director at kids@redemptioncharlotte.com if your child is interested in volunteering with us.


Can children attend the worship service or are they required to participate in Redemption Kids?

Children are always welcome in service with their parents and we leave that choice at your discretion. Please note that we cannot always anticipate certain subject matter that you may not desire to have your child sit in for. Our Redemption Kids program provides biblically faithful, age-appropriate teachings through play, group lessons/activities, and worship. If you have any questions or concerns about finding a good fit for your child in our program, our Kids Director is available to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your child. All children join their parents at the conclusion of our service to worship together as a family and body of Christ. Please feel free to reach out to our Kids Director if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.


When do I take my child to Redemption Kids? Do they need to be signed-in before service begins or do they leave for children’s worship during the service?
All children participating in Redemption Kids should be checked-in prior to the beginning of the worship service. 


When do I pick my child up from Redemption Kids?

After the sermon before the concluding worship songs, parents are asked to retrieve their children from Redemption Kids and bring them into the service to worship together as both a family and body of Christ. Please ensure you keep your child's parent sticker with you, as it will be required at the time of pickup. 


Do you change diapers?

In compliance with NC DSS standards, we cannot change your child’s diaper. If your child soils his/her diaper during service, the parent will be paged via text message.


Do you offer bathroom assistance for my child?

In compliance with NC DSS standards, we cannot provide bathroom assistance for children. Should your child need assistance in this area during the service, the parent will be paged via text message.


Do you give bottles or provide snacks?

In order to ensure that each child receives equal attention, we are not able to serve bottles or meals to children during service. 


Do we offer a nursing room?

We do offer a nursing room . Please ask the check-in person about the location of the room.


My child might be sick- can they still participate in Redemption Kids?

The health of all children is a priority in our Redemption Kids program. Please reference Redemption Kids health policy for more details.