Safety & Security

At Redemption Kids, your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us. From sign-in security to DSS compliance, we strive to provide an environment for children to learn about Jesus that is both fun and safe!

Security System

Each child will be assigned an ID number upon check in to their Redemption Kids program. The parent(s) will receive a sticker that matches the ID assigned to their child on that particular Sunday. The number and sticker will be verified upon the pick-up of the child from Redemption Kids.

Parent-Paging System

When you sign your child in to the Redemption Kids program, we will collect your child’s name, parents’ name(s), and a cell phone number. Should there be an emergency or general need during the worship service, we will page the parent via text message to the cell phone number provided to us at check-in. We ask that parents keep their cell phone readily available should we need to contact you during service.

Redemption Kids Providers

All volunteers serving your children in the Redemption Kids program have passed a background check, completed an interview process, and received appropriate training to care for and teach your child.

Safety Compliance Standards

Because Redemption Kids programs are held in the YMCA facility, we comply with DSS standards for childcare. For more information about North Carolina DSS Childcare Guidelines, please click here.

Health Policy

The health of your child is a priority of the Redemption Kids program.

In order to help keep everyone as healthy as possible, we ask that your children not participate in Redemption Kids if one or more of the following conditions exist:

If your child is unable to participate in Redemption Kids due to illness, we are happy to provide coloring pages for them during service. Simply ask for coloring materials at the Redemption Kids check-in location. In the event your child develops any illness or symptoms of illness following participation in Redemption Kids, we ask that you contact Likewise, if your child is diagnosed with contagious illness by a pediatrician and may have been contagious at the time that he/she was in our care, please notify us at so that all parents of participating children can be notified in case of exposure.